What do you get when you mix nine neurotic people from
seven different religions with twenty bottles of wine and
a few Hebrew prayers no one can actually read?


Reviews from the Full Production at The Gordon Jewish Community Center  

                                                 Nashville ~ March 2013


Randi Michaels Block's Guess Who's Coming to Seder? concluded its brief but worthy three-show run last weekend at the Gordon Jewish Community Center in Bellevue. Good houses enjoyed Block's original musical centering on a Passover Seder that gets spiced up by comical gentile characters. It's a fertile idea — religion and family tradition conflicting with contemporary social realities — and most of Block's craftsmanship impresses. (She wrote it all -book, music and lyrics.) The songs are consistently well-crafted, exploiting a variety of styles with general success.  With an energetic and colorful cast working the material, this recent mounting had many enjoyable passages with significant contributions made by country star Lari White (who rips through an unlikely torcher called "Connecticut"), Charlynn Carter ("Never Pay Retail"), Francine Berk ("Taking Chances") and Jonathan Scott Roth ("Chopped Liver With Gefilte Fish"). Two group numbers, "Oy Vey" and "The Prayer," also impressed.  ~  Martin Brady (The Nashville Scene)

Given how long it can take to get a play produced, Randi Block Michael's musical GUESS WHO'S COMING TO SEDER? is something of a phenomenon.  It was barely off the printer when the first reading of the script went down at The Darkhorse Theatre here in Nashville in 2011. I doubt that many first readings have ever enjoyed such success, with two nights of SRO audiences and standing ovations.  From there, GUESS WHO'S COMING TO SEDER? headed right to NYC for a well attended reading at The York Theatre and, from there, to a premiere in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All three of these ventures were directed by Ted Swindley, whose own legendary musical ALWAYS...PATSY CLINE, is headed to Broadway this fall. Now SEDER is back home in Nashville for a three performance run at The Gordon Jewish Community Center, and from the packed house and enthusiastic audience response at last night's show - I'd venture to say that this is a show with some serious legs. Maybe someone should think of extending the run.     ~  Jaz Dorsey (The Dramaturgy Project) 

Really enjoyed the show!!! That is an incredible accomplishment. Well done!!  ~  Gary Burr (Hit Songwriter)

It was amazing!  Funny, thoughtful, impactful and unifying. Congratulations on a job well done on this very special evening!                        ~  Sheree Spoltore (President - Global Songwriters Connection)

Mazel Tov to you! What an accomplishment to produce and direct your show here in Nashville!! It was fabulous!! Congrats again!          ~  Sue Fabisch  (Writer - Motherhood The Musical  

I just wanted to congratulate you on an outstanding performance!  I really enjoyed it.  The cast and band were terrific, the songs interesting, fun and entertaining.  All around excellent!  Great job and keep going!!   
~  Joel Reist (Principal Bassist/Nashville Symphony) 

Thank you for a memorable night. Really wonderful, entertaining show!   ~  Queenie Mullinex (Nashville Publisher)

Go check out Randi Michaels 
Block’s production of her new musical, Guess Who's Coming to Seder? this weekend in Nashville!  Lari  White was amazing!! Congratulations on a FABULOUS show!!!   
Deanna Walker (Vanderbilt Songwriting Professor)

I loved my afternoon today! The show was awesome! Thanks for taking me away for a little while.... can't wait to see what's in store next!   ~   Kevin Raymond (Actor)

Oh My Goodness! Positively brilliant...I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of "Guess Who's Coming to Seder". Nothing is more affirming and inspiring to me than to see a great woman create a successful work of art!  Simply amazing! People, if you haven't purchased your ticket you need to do so now! Thoroughly enjoyable...great music...great cast...and Randi Michaels Block is a true renaissance woman! From start to finish her signature is all over this wonderful show.   ~  Dee Dee Vogt (Artist)

I LOVE YOUR MUSICAL!!!!!!!!  You have a real hit, my dear!!  It was just spectacular!!!  BRAVO, and congratulations!!! 
I can't wait to see it again!  Will there be a soundtrack/cast recording available at some point?  I want one!!!  
~ Michelle Glenn  (Actress/Singer)

This show is sooooo amazing!  I loved this!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ~  Karen Will Rogers (Celebrity Photographer) 

Brava and Bravo to all of you on your opening night!! Randi you have done a truly amazing job. So happy I got to see it!!!   
~  Jacqi Maltby-Michaels (Actress/Singer)

Congratulations on a fantastic opening night show! "Guess Who's Coming To Seder" was sooooooo fabulous! I am wishing you amazing opportunities for this amazing show! It is so great! Kudos! You wrote and directed a winner!   ~  Sandra Lee  (94FM Radio

This was amazing!! The crew, cast, and musicians were STELLAR! I loved it!!  ~  
Angela Schatz

Congrats on your amazing, poignant, moving musical...I loved it...thankx for following your heart and inspiring the rest of us!   
~  Casey Dugan

Wow, what a great show tonight! Very entertaining and such an awesome cast!! Congrats!!  
~ Curt Lindsley

I had the honor seeing this at The Darkhorse, it is AMAZING!  ~  Mel O'Drama (Producer)                               

       Reviews from the Staged Reading at The York Theatre             
                                          New York City ~ March 2012 

I just wanted to tell you again how fabulous the reading was! They don't get much better then that! Hope you got some good feedback from those folks that can make this happen! It needs to!  So glad we got to work together on your piece and hope that it's just the start of good things to follow.        
Carol Hanzel Casting (NYC Casting Director)

Brief as it was, I had a wonderful time and was so pleased to get to do this wonderful material.....it was great!  I know the show has a very good life ahead.                                                                                                  
Teri Ralston (Violet “Vitananda” Trudell)  
(Broadway: Company, A Little Night Music, The Baker’s Wife) 

It’s been such an honor and a privilege to get to be a part of this amazing piece. I think a workshop for a couple weeks would be so cool... and if you decide to do another reading we all know the show now so wouldn't need too much rehearsal time. We all believe in it and loved being a part of it. I just wish we'd had more time and more performances!                                                                                 
Haley Swindal (Kitty Carson) 
(Currently touring in Jekyll and Hyde)

Have you been having fun soaking in all of the praise for your fabulous, funny and touching work? I hope so.... I hope it's been heaped on you. You deserve it!  I had a BLAST! It's such a great show, fabulous cast you assembled and truly a wonderful spirit and energy surrounding the whole thing. I have my fingers crossed for you for great things to come of it.  I have a feeling you will be back in NY soon!                                                    Catherine Porter (Susan Trudell)  (Broadway: Next To Normal, currently in Cougar)

Randi - Thank you for inviting me to your Seder. All writers and directors should be as laid back and encouraging as you and Ted!  You! Rock! Sista! It was fun!! Hope to do it again!  
Tom Galantich (John Paul O'Connell)
 (Broadway: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Mamma Mia)

I can't thank you enough for letting me be a part of this wonderful show! I sure hope this dream of yours keeps going...it deserves to be seen and loved by as many people as possible! Keep me informed on the future of this project and everything else in your life! It was so great to spend time with you every day!!!!! And singing your songs is a gift I will hold onto for a very long time!! I hope to get the chance to do it again someday!!                Andy Redeker (Todd Trudell)

This was so exciting and I miss you already and the show so much.  It was such a treat to do it!!!              
Lauren Lebowitz (Sarah Friedman)
(Spandex the Musical)

I LOVED DOING THIS!!  So much fun!  XO       
 Melanie Kann (Kelly Rock) (Off Broadway and National tours)

                              Reviews from the Staged Readings at The Darkhorse Theatre                                                                                    Nashville, August 15th and 16th, 2011

Your musical was wonderful!!!  I am so glad that I was there! It was great to meet you!   Leslie Roberts / BMI

Peter, the owner of the theater, just called me to say that the Darkhorse phone is ringing off the hook. So I gave him some details of the show (time, ticket price, and that tonight is the last night) so that he can put something up on the website. He is putting the information on the DH answering machine and directing them to the website for information. We should probably find some extra seating!!  Katie Veglio (Darkhorse Theater Stage Manager)

Nice work, Randi! The show is fabulous fun, and at times, moving. It has legs and I know it will find many audiences in the future that will appreciate it, as did last night's. Mazel tov!    Diane Dilanni (Playwright)

We absolutely love, love, loved the show!!!! It goes without saying it was fabulous and the songs were terrific. I look forward to seeing this play make it to Broadway because it should!   Theresa Zuckowsky

DEFINITELY GO see this show tonight if you can!!!! Seriously it is VERY VERY funny, INCREDIBLY good writing, clever/witty & FUNNY song lyrics, great characters who deliver humor, & just a REALLY fun tongue-in-cheek yet enlightening musical theater production & script! CONGRATS Randi Michaels for writing such a great script & songs & all involved with it, what a great show! :) I want to see it again... And that standing ovation was well-deserved. It really is a hit!   Marjie Parsons

What a fun evening it was. When this is a huge hit in New York, I will look forward to recalling getting to attend the first staged reading!  Mary Holifield Kennady

Casey and I just had the most WONDERFUL evening seeing Randi Michaels' brand new musical, "Guess Who's Coming to Seder". It was funny and sweet and the music was great!  Leslie Ellis (Writer)

Congratulations!!! Great performance! Bravo!!!  Brilliant writing!!! We are fortunate to have you here in Nashville.  I was talking with the music director afterwards on the subject of Nashville as Music City USA. You are certainly "doing" whereas others complain. A big congratulations!  Great turn out for your reading and look forward to the premier!!!  Nick Wing (Composer)

I just saw the most AMAZING reading of a musical written and scored by the incredibly talented Randi Michaels....."Guess Who's Coming To Seder?" It had it ALL. I found myself laughing hysterically, feeling tugs at my heartstrings and experiencing an overwhelming sense of spirituality. I cried! BRAVO!                             Lynn Gauthier Foster (Artist)

What a wonderful play! The story and songs were amazing!! We really enjoyed it last night. Huge congrats to you!  Irene Kelly (Writer)

Congratulations on a great workshop performance of "Guess Who's Coming to Seder." The book and the songs are super!!  Becky Hobbs (Playwright)

Congratulations wth my whole heart. It’s got the potential for a "Tony and Tina's Wedding" type of run. I love the piece!   Jamie Cutler (Playwright)

Well deserved standing ovation! It was awesome!!!  Etta Britt (Performer/Writer)

I am so grateful that I knew about and was able to attend "Guess Who's Coming To Seder" and then to get a front row seat was awesome!! The show was absolutely FABULOUS!! and I want to see it again!! The songs were really moving!!  Teri Reid (Musician)

What a crowd last night!  Had to stand in the back row (and I was on time). Bravo!    
Steve Bloch (Music Publisher)

"Guess Who's Coming to Seder" at 'The Darkhorse was Awesome!     Donald Powell



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